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Which is better – dry cleaning or laundry?

Can you really choose between dry cleaning and laundry?

Laundry cleaning and dry cleaning have always been the two options which confuse people a lot. You probably want to know which one is better – dry cleaning or loundry ? You need to be aware that there is no simple answer on that question. The number of people who use professional companies to clean their dirty laundry has increased. Depending on the dirt and the fabric type, you can dry or wet launder your clothes. Dry cleaning and laundry washing are both great methods of cleaning your clothes but there are many factors that determine which one is actually better for you.

Benefits and differences of dry cleaning and laundry washing

Most of the clothes that you own can be probably cleaned by a simple laundry but some of them can actually need a dry cleaning. If a piece of clothing is label as “Dry Clean Only”, you can be certain that this is the only way they can be cleaned. There are a lot of benefits that comes from both of this ways of cleaning. Dry cleaning effectively removes grease and tough to remove oil stain and what is more reduces shrinkage and distortion of the fabric. Also originality of the material is maintained by using this way of cleaning.

When it comes to benefits of loundry cleaning to clean your clothes they do not use harmful chemicals that can be harmful to you and the environment and it is much cheaper as the solvent used is water. And detergent of softener give a freshness to your clothes. If you want to know the difference between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning let me tell you. The simple one is that dry cleaning process uses a chemical solvent to rinse the garments and the traditional wet laundering method involves the immersion of your clothes in water. This is the most important difference. So, it is clear that the decision of making your clothes undergo dry cleaning or laundry washing totally depends upon the type of items you possess. You must be aware of the type of garment you need to wash and then decide which process will be better for you.