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Wedding dress dry cleaning

Wedding gown – precious keepsake

Wedding dress is not your average piece of garment. What makes it special aren’t all of the laces, dainty trims or elaborate skirts but its purpose. It symbolizes one of the most important rites of passage and is valued as a keepsake of that exceptional event in women’s life. On top of that, some weddings gowns aren’t your store-bought or even custom-made garments but pieces that have been passed for generations from mothers to daughters. No matter, what is their story, each of such dresses deserves special attention and care. That’s why, you want to clean as quickly as possible (after several weeks at most) to ensure that none of the stains or odors get permanent. If you want your wedding dress to look always as beautiful as the moment you have worn it, head for professional cleaners, experienced in providing such services. It’s also worth to ask whether they offer wedding gown preservation on top of dry cleaning.


Wedding dress cleaning – one size (doesn’t) fit all

Finding good dry cleaners isn’t that difficult but finding ones, which are well versed in cleaning wedding gowns, is slightly different kettle of fish. For one thing, this garment is considered one of a kind and as such irreplaceable. For another, cleaning wedding dress isn’t business as usual. There are all those different kinds of fabrics, lace, dainty trims, pearls, semi-precious stones… you name it. And after naming, determine which of them may be safely dry-cleaned and which will discolor or dissolve. Of course, garment labels are quite useful in dispelling such doubts; nevertheless, experienced dry cleaners should have the last word on the matter. Another indication that you found professionals is pricing. As each wedding gown is different in terms of complexity, fabrics and adornments, they deserve individualized treatment, which comes with different price tags.