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Dry cleaning process

What Is The Dry Cleaning Process?

We’re all familiar with doing laundry. We know all the details regarding spin cycles, detergents, and which fabrics can go into the washer with which other fabrics. But for many people, the world of dry cleaning remains a bit mysterious. What are we actually having these professionals do to our clothing that can’t be achieved through ordinary washer/dryer means? To put it simply, dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothing without water. Instead, cleaners use a cleaning fluid into which all your clothes are submerged. So while it’s technically without water, it isn’t exactly “dry” either.

Dry Cleaning – What Happens After You Drop Your Clothes Off?

The first step followed by most professional dry cleaners is tagging and inspection. They’ll begin by labeling each article of clothing to make sure it ends up in the hands of its rightful owner. This is also to make sure the correct services are rendered for each article of clothing. After this, the pre-treatment begins. Cleaners will examine your clothing for any existing stains or problem areas, which can be treated before the actual wash to make them easier to remove. Once these steps are complete, they actually submerge the clothing in the dry cleaning solvent.

After the actual dry cleaning itself, cleaners get into post-spotting. This process is part of a cleaners’ general quality control protocol. Using advanced equipment and chemical cleaners, they make sure that no stains got through the pre-treatment and the dry cleaning itself. They’ll identify the stain, its origin (if possible) and use the appropriate technique to remove it. The last stage of the dry cleaning process is the finishing phase. During this phase, your cleaners will press, steam, iron, and repair your clothing, if necessary. At the end of this entire process, your clothes are returned to you, clean, smelling good, and free of wrinkles or missing buttons!