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How Much Time Do We Spend Doing Laundry

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend doing laundry? We wondered the same thing, so we made the following estimates to find out how many minutes go in which process based on two loads per week. 

Laundry Prep Time

Prep time for laundry basically includes gathering all your dirty clothes and dumping them in the machine. Aside from your hamper being the main vessel of your dirty garments, you could also have dirty jackets, towels, and sheets elsewhere. You should gather these, too. For two loads of laundry in one week, consider 30 minutes for the total prep time. For your convenience, you can opt for a laundry delivery service in Barrington.

Washing And Drying A Load

The standard washing time on a laundry machine is 40 minutes. The average drying time is also 40 minutes. Transferring your clean laundry from the washer to the dryer takes about 5 minutes in total. For two loads in a week, that is a total of 170 minutes. A wash and fold laundry service in Barrington can significantly reduce these numbers. There are also dry cleaners in the area for this specific task.

Folding And Putting Away

Folding and putting away the freshly laundered clothes takes an average of 20 minutes. If you are more efficient, you can save 5 minutes and only take 15 minutes to get everything done. For two loads, that gives you a total of 1 hour in one week. 


Based on these numbers, an individual spends an average of 260 minutes or four hours per week doing laundry. It may look like plenty of hours, so at Aloha Dry Cleaners, we make the process simpler. We do home pick up laundry service around Barrington. Try our services today!