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The Importance of Mobile Dry Cleaning Services amidst the Pandemic

People have started paying more attention to their hygiene since the emergence of coronavirus. There are many cautions and good practices that we need to consider to prevent the spread of the virus. One of those is considering dry cleaning your clothes. According to WHO and CDC, the combination of heat and dry cleaning processes are effective against germs. And because many people are staying indoors, having a mobile dry cleaning service helps you remain indoor and get your clothes professionally cleaned simultaneously. Aloha Mobile Dry Cleaners has listed some of the benefits of having dry cleaning services to keep you safe.

 It’s Convenient 

More people are working at home today and according to some research, working from home is more stressful than working in an office. Having mobile dry cleaning services makes dry cleaning more convenient and less stressful. Our dry cleaners in Barrington are trained in handling all types of clothing. We will pick up and take care of your clothes to spend time on more important things.

Helps You Play a Part in Flattening the Curve

COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, even in your clothes. Having your clothes professionally cleaned will ensure your hygiene and safety. Our laundry service in Barrington uses EPA-approved detergents and disinfectants to kill virus particles on your clothes.

Your Clothes Last Longer

Aloha Mobile Dry Cleaners in Barrington uses professional and latest cleaning technology to clean your clothes the right way to make them last longer. We have the knowledge of fabric fashion; whether it is rayon, silk, cotton, angora and more, we can take care of each piece of clothing that we receive with proper care and guidelines.

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