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Barrington Dry Cleaners,
ALOHA Dry Cleaners & Laundry Service in Barrington, IL

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Affordable and efficient dry cleaners serving Barrington & Lake Barrington


Have you ever dreaded finding the time in your schedule to drop off—or pick up—your dry cleaning? That is a worry of the past now. With Aloha – Barrington dry cleaners, you do not need to lug your dry clean items halfway across town to get them clean. Our laundry drop off service offers free pick-up and delivery services in 60047 and 60010, Illinois. Our customers love the fresh, spotless clean they receive from our dry cleaning and laundry services.  Offering a high quality dry cleaning for affordable rates—as well as our highly convenient pick-up and delivery—Aloha Mobile Dry Cleaners is clearly your best bet when you are looking for a new laundry service. Our Barrington dry cleaners do not limit to this area only; we also provide laundry services in Lake Barrington and nearby areas.


Laundry drop off service with free pick-up and delivery!
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Now you can enjoy clean and fresh clothes just by clicking a button. Our dry cleaners do the rest:

pick up your clothing, clean it and drop it off on the weekly basis. Convenient, isn’t it?

Our Commercial Laundry Services Barrington, IL

At Aloha Commercial Laundry Services in Barrington, you can ensure that you are getting high-quality thorough laundry services that are efficient and reliable. No matter the size of your company, we provide a wide variety of commercial laundry services best for you.


Our high-capacity equipment can give your guests and staff fresh and clean table linens, beddings, uniforms, and towels. Check our hotel laundry service.


Let us help clean your mats, mop heads, rags, and more in a fast and efficient wash cycle. We provide commercial laundry services for you!


We guarantee to keep everything clean and spotless. With safe and high-quality cleaning agents, you can ensure the total removal of contaminants and stains with our healthcare laundry service.


Focus on your business and trust our professional laundry service. Contact Aloha Dry Cleaners near me in Barrington today and schedule your service!

How does mobile laundry service work?

It’s very simple and intuitive. We are laundry drop off service in Barrington & Lake Barrington, Illinois. First choose your location and pick-up time. Then fill out a form to provide us with your contact details. Upon receiving this information, we send you an email with a reminder of your pick-up day and hour. If you are first time customer, you receive personalized laundry bag for your clothing, a door hook for pick-up and drop off, few stain stickers to indicate problematic areas and a ticket book. Filling out the ticket book provided is optional, however you may want to fill ticket for additional comments and requests regarding laundry or dry cleaning service. While doing so, please remember of keeping copy of the ticket (pink slip from your ticket book) for yourself.

Dry Cleaning

There are fibers that do well in a normal laundering process. But there are others that require extra care – wool, silk, brightly colored fabrics etc. Some of those fabrics, if improperly laundered, tend to shrink, discolor or lose their shape (think silk for example). With others (like polyester) you may find it difficult to remove greasy stains from them just with water and washing powder. To be on the safe side, check what is your garment label saying. Look for “dry clean only” information. Main advantage of dry cleaning is its ability to remove tough stains and, at the same time, keep your favorite clothing in a pristine shape, without negative changes to its looks.

Shirt Wash & Press

Washing and pressing is best suited for men’s  button-down shirts, dress shirts and polos. The service includes laundering, ironing and putting shirts on hangers. As  most cotton shirts don’t require dry cleaning, we provide water-based cleaning instead with commercial laundry detergent. Before being washed your shirts undergo process that helps to remove stains, perspiration marks, and rings around collars. Last but not least, your shirts are pressed to come back to you nice and ready to wear.

Wash & Fold

This laundry service consists of picking laundry up from your home, cleaning it, folding and then returning it to you crisp and fresh.

Subscribe Our Laundry Service Barrington, IL

Subscribe to our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pick-up laundry service near me in Barrington! Trust Aloha Dry Cleaners for an all-in-inclusive laundry service to bring you premium laundry at an affordable price.

How does our laundry service work?

You Schedule

Select a scheduled home pick-up laundry service at your most convenient time. We provide weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pick-up laundry service.

We Pick Up

Our laundry care associate will pick up your laundry and clean your clothes using high-quality and safe detergents to maintain the quality of any clothes.

We Deliver

After our quick and high-quality cleaning procedure, your clothes will come back clean and wrinkle-free.

Why Choose Our Dry Cleaners near me Barrington, IL?

Highest quality guaranteed

Years of experience as the top laundry service in Barrington means you get the quality you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on making sure that every item we launder meets our high standards. This means that every item you send to us is guaranteed to return spotless, fresh, and ready to wear.

Affordable laundry service

Finding the right dry cleaners in Barrington, IL can be a challenge. At Aloha Dry Cleaners, we believe that we’ve found the perfect combination of high quality cleaning services and competitive rates. We make dry cleaning easy, efficient, and our prices simply won’t be beat.

Friendly customer service

Among Barrington dry cleaners, Aloha Cleaners is the leader in customer service. In addition to our helpful and friendly service staff, we also offer drop off services to save you the trip! Tired of having to pack your car full of clothes? Let the customer service experts at Aloha Dry Cleaners near me in Barrington make cleaning a breeze.

Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery in Barrington

Make life easy and give yourself time to take care of what’s important with Aloha Mobile Dry Cleaners’ home pick up laundry service in Barrington. Simply call us and we’ll be there to pick up your items. After we fulfill your request, your items will be returned to your home clean and folded, without any hassle.

Simple Ordering Process

When you have items to dry clean, mend, or stitch, Aloha Mobile Dry Cleaners makes it easy. Call us to order your home pickup laundry service in Barrington, fill out the order form, and we’ll confirm your date and time of pickup in an email. We will then care for your items and deliver them back to your home.

Service Area

ALOHA Mobile Dry Cleaners Barrington, Lake Zurich and nearby suburbs

Are you looking for reliable dry cleaners near Chicago? ALOHA Mobile Dry Cleaners has been providing Lake Zurich, Barrington & Lake Barrington, IL with high quality dry cleaning for many years. Our professional dry cleaners will arrive at your home with all the equipment and necessary supplies to do dry cleaning at your home. If you’re looking for reliable dry cleaners in Lake Zurich, Barrington or North Barrington, we’ve got you covered. Our customers love our work!

ALOHA Mobile Dry Cleaners provide services in following suburbs:

Forest Lake, IL; Deer Park, IL; Inverness, IL; Lake Zurich, IL; Long Grove, IL; Lake Barrington, IL; Barrington, IL: Kildeer, IL; Hawthorn Woods, IL; North Barrington, IL; Riverwoods, IL; Wauconda, IL, Wheeling, IL.

60004, 60010, 60011, 60015; 60047, 60060, 60067, 60070, 60074, 60084, 60090.