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The Risks of DIY Dry Cleaning Barrington, IL

Have you seen the DIY dry cleaning kits that have been showing up in stores around America? These kits offer you the convenience of giving you a laundry service from your own home instead of heading to the dry cleaners Barrington.

This marketing scheme has won many people over but doesn’t rush to make a decision just yet. There are definitely flaws associated with the DIY approach over traditional commercial laundry services.

Damaged Fabrics

Dry-clean-only articles of clothing require a delicate approach. DIY dry cleaning doesn’t take the necessary steps to be gentle with all fabrics. By doing this process on your own you risk damaging fabrics that may cause you to throw away clothes you love. This is just one reason why it’s better to use commercial dry cleaners Barrington.

Shrunken Fabrics

Shrinking garments is a problem you won’t run into if you use a professional service. Commercial dry cleaning Barrington companies take extreme caution to guarantee your clothes remain in great shape. This is often not the case when doing it DIY, and many have complained that shrinking garments is common when doing it at home.

Bad Smelling Fabrics

Think about wearing your newly cleaned garments and noticing that it smells like body odor. This sounds frightening but this is another common problem with DIY dry cleaning kits.

Stained Fabrics

Some stains can be handled by DIY cleaning methods but other more complex stains are hard to remove. Dry cleaning your clothes at home can lead to permanent stains in your fabrics that are almost impossible to remove.