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How Do Dry Cleaners Clean Clothing?

What is the dry cleaning?

You obviously know that when you wash your clothes at home in a washing machine, water is the solvent that is using to do the cleaning. But not every fabric, for example wool, can handle the water. Also, there are many types of stains that water is not particularly good at removing. When it comes to dry cleaning, clothes are soaked in a solvent other than water. So, when we are saying  that this is dry cleaning, it is only ”dry” in the sense that it is not wet with water. We use that kind of cleaning because as I mentioned there are so many fabrics that actually degrade in water or just can not stand withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine. That is way dry cleaning is sometimes only way to clean our clothes.

How do dry cleaners work ?

When you finally leave your clothes at the cleaners, all of the employees need to follow a pattern consisting of several steps:

  1. Taggin and inspection

When you drop off your clothes, every order need to be tagged so in the further process it can be identified. It can be a small paper tags or l.ittle labels written on a shirt collar . Your clothes are also examined for missing buttons and other things because if they will not do that the dry cleaner might get blamed for losing them.

  1. Pre-treatment

The cleaner looks for a stains on your clothes and use chemicals to make them remove easier. It happens right before the right treatment.

  1. Actual dry cleaning

Your clothes are put in a special cleaning machine and cleaned with a solvent. Cleaning your clothes will only get right if the cleaner will control work of the machine.

  1. Post-Spotting

Really important thing is post-cleaning spot removal. It is one of the main quality control process. Post-spotting, as it is called, uses professional equipment and chemical preparations using steam, water, air, and vacuum.

  1. Finishing

This step includes finishing, pressing, steaming, ironing, and making any necessary repairs to restore the garment. That is the last thing the cleaner need to do before you will get your clothes all fresh and clean.

Benefits of Dry Cleaners

After leaning how do dry cleaners work now is the time to talk about the benefits that comes from it. Here are 5 of them:

Removes Tough Stains: Dry cleaners can effectively remove stubborn stains that are difficult to remove with traditional washing methods.

Protects Fabric: Dry cleaning is gentle on fabrics and can help prevent damage, shrinkage, and fading.

Saves Time: It saves time by eliminating the need for washing, drying, and ironing your clothes.

Convenient: For those who are too busy to wash or care for their clothes at home, dry cleaning is a convenient option.

Expert Care: People who take care of your clothes are trained professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to handle delicate fabrics and garments.