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How Often Should I Take My Clothes to the Dry Cleaners?

It’s a question many people think about when it comes to clothing that needs special care. How often should they go to the dry cleaners? The good news is that you don’t need to see the dry cleaner after every wear, so that can save you some time and money.

Here’s a look at some common items that could use dry cleaning and how often to take them in.

Dry Cleaners for Clothing

For light clothing that you want to keep looking fresh and new, such as dress shirts, blouses, and evening wear, use the services of a dry cleaner after every two wears. Heavier items like dresses, pants, suits, and sweaters can go to the dry cleaners after every three wears.

To keep your outdoor wear in top form, articles like jackets and long coats can benefit from a visit to the dry cleaners after their seasonal use.

Dry Cleaners for the Home

Clothing is not the only thing you can take to the dry cleaners. There are certain items around the house that you may not have considered as well. These include throw pillows, duvet covers, comforters, and bedspreads. Over time these can gather dust and dirt and they are easy to overlook. Many of these are difficult to clean at home due to their size. So if you can’t fit it into the washing machine, or it’s a delicate item, it can go to the dry cleaners about every six months.

Curtains are also an overlooked article that can be dry cleaned. A good dry cleaning once a year can keep your curtains looking great.

If you keep in mind that dry cleaning is not just for clothes and you follow the schedule for each type of article you want to be cleaned, taking care of your dry cleaning can be easy. You and your dry cleaners can keep everything looking great to last a long time.