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Things You Should Take to the Dry Cleaners

There is always confusion about different laundry items and how to wash them, so to make things a little easier, Aloha Dry Cleaners has put together a short list of laundry items that should always go to your local dry cleaners in Barrington.

Dark-Colored Silks

Although some silks can withstand a good hand-wash, darker-colored silks may bleed, staining other clothing items and surfaces. To see how your dark silks will do, try wetting a small patch of the article and blotting it dry with a white paper towel. If you find any color on the paper towel, take the silk to your laundry service in Barrington.


You can only spot clean for so long, after which it just will not work anymore. That’s when you should take your suit to the Barrington dry cleaners, especially if it’s a wool suit. You will look sharp and your suit will last much longer.

Anything with Pleating

Any item that has pleating on it should go to the dry cleaners. You can either take it yourself or use the laundry pickup service in Barrington to let the professionals handle it. They can preserve the pleating on your clothes and even repair any that have receded.

Super-Stained Items

Your comforter may be stained beyond recognition, but it’s an easy job for your local dry cleaners in Barrington. With the use of powerful degreasers, soaps, and solvents, your wash and fold laundry service in Barrington can take care of those impossible stains you thought would never come out.   

Fragile or Synthetic Materials

Some clothing labels may say they’re safe to hand wash at home, but when it comes to fragile synthetic fabrics such as rayon and chiffon it’s a risk. These fabrics are known to shrink when subjected to heat, so it’s best to send them to the drop-off laundry service in Barrington.  

Anything with a Lining

It’s easy to remember this rule. If it has a lining, call for home pickup laundry service in Barrington. That could be for dresses, jackets, skirts, and more. Water on its own can break the interlinings, so leave it to the experts.