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Secrets Of Having Fresh Looking Clothes Thanks To Washing & Dry Cleaners Barrington, IL

No one likes having clothes that have worn out fabric, faded, and damaged. To keep your clothes always looking fresh and brand new, here are some tips from Aloha Dry Cleaners Barrington to preserve washable and dry-clean garments. With our tips, your clothes will last longer with gentle cleaning and care.

Proper Washer Settings
Whether it is a dress, polo, blouse, or pants, most clothes should be washed in a washer’s least-harsh setting. Depending on your washer, you should follow the washer set to eliminate most of the wear and tear, especially for delicate fibers. Professional dry cleaners are knowledgeable about the right setting for every fabric type.

Using Right Detergent
Using the right detergent can help clothes look brand new and fresh. Professional dry cleaners like Aloha Dry Cleaners Barrington uses specifically made detergent for delicate fabrics to prevent shrinkage and discoloration. In addition, powdered detergents are harsher on clothes, so it is recommended to use the liquid type.

Wash Your Clothes Inside Out
This is one of the easiest yet often overlooked laundry tips to keep your clothes looking fresh and brand new. Make sure to turn all your clothes inside-out before placing them in the water. The spin cycle can sometimes put a lot of wear and tear on clothes and may damage, lose, or fall on buttons, beads, sequins, and more. It is always better to have the interior of your clothes to take the brunt of damage rather than the display side.

Always Wash In Cold Water
Hot water damages the fabric quickly. Wash delicate and normal clothes in cold water to avoid running them. Save your hot water wash for soiled loads like sports uniforms, gardening clothes, or dirty sheets.